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About Us


Founded in 2001, KoFIU is tasked with the goal of preventing money laundering activity and illegal cross-border currency transfer, both of which conducted by abusing financial institutions.

KoFIU is dedicated to preventing criminal activities and establishing sound and transparent financial practice, by regulating ML activity and preventing illegal cash courier activities.


Securing Transparent Financial Practice & A Leading FIU


  • Crime Prevention through AML Regime
  • Contribution to Social Security by Countering Terrorism Financing (CFT)
  • Establishing Safe and Transparent Financial Practice


  • Building Sound Financial System
  • Maximizing AML/Financial Crime Prevention Capacity
  • Reinforcing International Cooperation


  • Operating AML regime in accordance with domestic financial system and international standards
  • Strengthening supervising and monitoring via pre-emtive training
  • Effective communication between reporting agencies and LEAs
  • Heightening specialty and consistency of the task
  • Strengthening information analysis capacity
  • Increasing efficiency through organic information sharing with relevant agencies
  • Reinforcing status in the international bodies.
  • Expanding exchanges and cooperation with foreign FIUs and international organizations
  • Playing a leading role by supporting Asian-Pacific nations

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